Playing with mini blocks

A sudden craze for mini blocks started from McDonald’s nano block collectible set.

For me, I got disappointed from my first purchase of McDonald’s nano block fries as I can’t fix it from scratch. It’s pre-fixed nano block. Maybe it’s for the safety of small children.

Alternatively, we got the Wise Hawk mini block set. This gives me satisfaction of playing with mini blocks. ^^

You can buy it from here.


The set comes in individual boxes for each item. Inside, it’s packed in plastic bag and instructions. One of my instructions was not provided correctly but the seller sent an email through to rectify this problem before I even started with fixing it.

You can also buy this container that comes with a plastic tweezer. I find it good to have because mini blocks can be so small for my fingers to handle.img_7306

Inside one of the packet, it comes with an item that helps you to remove the mini block if you fix it incorrectly. If you see the grey item in the above picture that looks like a long “S”.

It looks similar to nano block.

¬†Taadaa! ¬†All looks similar to the McDonald’s set except for the restaurant and Ronald Mcdonald.

There are many different sets or individual miniatures that you can play. We got another one, the sushi set.

Looks good eh?

From each pack that you fix, they provide extra blocks just in case you lose any. There are very minimal few that are not molded nicely or broken. So the extras are good to have.

From the extras, you can find instructions from the Internet and fix a few more items you like but the specific colours you have may not be enough. For me, as long as I can get the same shape, I just mix and match the colours and got a piano and Christmas tree!

Here are the instructions for piano and Christmas tree:


Christmas tree