Glacier country – Franz Josef, Fox Glacier


Both Franz Josef and Fox Glacier are known as the Glacier Country of New Zealand, about 20km away from each other. Both glaciers allow visitors except when it’s unsafe to walk on. You may read more at


I was turned down from purchasing the glacier walk tickets for Franz Josef as the glacier was not safe at the time I wanted to purchase the tickets. It seems like Franz Josef glacier is prettier (from far) as we went for a thrilling adventure here!

If you want to do the glacier walk at Franz Josef, check it out here

Skydive Franz

They have been voted the best skydiving experience in New Zealand. Checking in at the town, we were requested to sign a declaration form.

Main Road, next to the Glacier Guides  Franz Josef 7886, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 752 0714


Fees: Check out the website above! ^^

This was really a great experience for me being a superwoman with bird’s eye view of tallest mountain, Mount Cook, the west coast, the Tasman Sea and Franz Josef glacier, a great combination of iced mountain, ocean, river, land ^^. My first and hopefully not the last experience!

Fox Glacier

Moving down to Fox Glacier, we did the glacier walk here. Some people say that it’s easier to walk on Fox glacier than Franz Josef glacier. I don’t know but you really need to consider your fitness condition for the route that you wish to do.

You can also do similar things at either Franz Josef or Fox Glacier.

Picture source: Fox glacier


44 Main Road, State Highway 6, Fox Glacier, 7859, New Zealand
Tel: 800 111 600


Admission: From NZD49 per person, depending on the trip you’re taking.

Our guide, Lizi, from Argentina

The current glacier has very much shorten due to the ice melting more than it’s covered. So, there will be many lose stone and rocks. Follow the guide and walk in a line.


Boots and crampons provided

You will be provided with backpack, waterproof jacket, boots, thick socks, and crampons for the ice walking. For all day walk, they will also provide mitten and hat.

Follow the guide up the ice


Going down between the ice


The melted ice water carved the ice
Going through


View up


Go up in a line, go down in a line
The walk ended with a beautiful sunset


You will get a certificate for your effort!