Palmerston North

On the way to South, we stop by this town for lunch. It’s quite a neat and clean town with both “new” old designed and modern buildings.
Mao Bar
There was some good reviews of this place and also an award winning place, so we went to try it!
64 George Street  Palmerston North, 4410, New Zealand
Tel: +64 6 354 8410
Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
 The place’s external and internal design is so different. External is modern but internal is chinese.
What’s their signature dish? You won’t believe it if you’re a Malaysian.

Malaysian Chicken Curry (NZD20.90)
Their famous and signature dish! Something away from the western food. Being a Malaysian, this is not a fantastic curry but “yes, it is spicy” as the menu states. It’s a not bad dish, though.

Roast Kumara and Salmon Stack (NZD17.90)
 Roast kumara is roast sweet potato. It’s like potato croquette. The kumara taste nice with a little sweet potato sweetness but it’s a little dry if you eat on its own. You must eat with the smoked salmon or salad.
Lambs fry and Bacon (NZD17.90)
 If you like liver, try this. Lambs’ liver with bacon. It’s juicy and quite tasty with the portobello mushroom and red wine sauce but I’m not a big fan of liver. So, I won’t be able to finish the whole plate.
Steak Sandwich (NZD20.90)
Mmm~~! The combination of medium rare beef and caramelised onion is good even for a person who doesn’t like onions. It would be better if the bread is crispier.