Cromwell to Salmon


This town is famous for fresh fruits but it wasn’t a good time when we went. We can’t find an open stall that sells fresh fruits.

Before reaching Cromwell town, you will passby a mining place.
Goldfields Mining Centre
State Highway 6  Cromwell 9384, New Zealand
Tel: +64  3 445 1038
Admission: Goldfields experiance 1 hour NZD25; Freedom tour 1-2 hours NZD20

We didn’t go through the tour but you may want to visit.

Part of the historical mining place


East side of the South island is a place of salmon. On our way to Lake Tekapo, there are places that sells fresh salmon or you can travel all the way to Rakaia town.

High Country Salmon

State Highway 8, Twizel, 7944 New Zealand
(3-4km south of Twizel town, you will see it by the highway)

Tel: +64 21 400 385

This is a canal farm. You can feed salmons for free and buy some salmon sashimi and fresh salmon (whole or cut) to cook at the motel.

This pack for NZD25


NZD18.90 per kg


Mount Cook Alpine Salmon

State Highway 8, Pukaki 7999 New Zealand
(When approaching Lake Pukaki, take note of their sign. You need to turn up a hill from the powerhouse until you see a lake on the hill)

Tel: +64 3 435 0018


Hours: Daily 08:30 – late

This is the highest salmon in the world using glacier water to farm the salmon. However, they have lesser choices here when we came and it’s also slightly more expensive.

Passing by Lake Pukaki, there is a very beautiful view even though it’s a cloudy day.