Havelock is a place for green shell mussels. It’s a must-stop-by place for the mussels.

Mussel Pot

This is a famous place to have mussel in Havelock town. Unfortunately, they were closed for the winter when I was there. Visit them and tell me how was it!

73 Main Road, Havelock, Marlborough, New Zealand

Tel: +64 3 574 2824


They open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Slip Inn 

Luckily there is another place to go to.

Havelock Marina, Havelock, New Zealand

Tel: +64 3 574 2345


Hours: Daily 08:00 – late

Sample Mussel Platter (NZD19.50 platter for 2)
A platter of mussels with 7 flavours – Kilpatrick (bacon & melted cheese), Garlic butter, Pesto & feta, Sweet chilli sauce, Honey mustard, Parmesan Crust.

They are all delicious and fresh!. I’m speechless. You will want more!

Dozen steamed whole shell mussels in white wine, fresh garlic and herb (NZD18.50)
You are not eating mussels if you don’t try the steamed mussels. You can taste the freshness of it with a little dip in the broth.


Taking the Interisland Ferry crossing from Wellington (North Island), brings us to the first point of the South Island, Picton. It was a passby for us but you may check the place out at http://www.picton.co.nz/.

A little about the ferry

There are 2 companies that runs the ferry across both island, Interisland ( http://www.interislander.co.nz/ )and Bluebridge ( http://www.bluebridge.co.nz/ ). It is about 3 hours ride, charged by per passenger (~NZD69 per person per trip) and per car (~NZD130 for a 8-seater car per trip). Each type of car is charge differently. You may want to ask your car rental company for a package deal if you’re driving cross island.

There’s food and drinks sold on the ferry.


The capital city of New Zealand. It’s a very gloomy day when we reach Wellington. We go right up the hill for a good view of the city, a view that is so familiar even you have never been there before.
You can either drive right up or take the cable car from Lambton Quay up the hill to Kelburn lookout.
The Wellington cable car has started servicing since 1902. It runs every 10 minutes from 07:00 – 22:00 on weekdays, 08:30 – 22:00 on Saturday and 09:00 – 21:00 on Sunday and public holiday at NZD6 return for adult ( http://www.wellingtoncablecar.co.nz/ ).
Up the hill at Kelburn lookout, you can also visit the Cable Car Museum (Daily 09:30 – 17:00), botanic garden, and Carter Observatory & Planetarium (Daily 10:00 – 17:00, except Tuesday and Saturday close at 21:30 and Sunday at 17:30; with admission charge) ( http://www.carterobservatory.org/ ).
Accomodation: Mercure Wellington
Picture source: Accorhotels.com
345 The Terrace  Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Tel: +64 4 385 9829
Price range: ~NZD40-50 per person (including free internet usage at lobby only).

Palmerston North

On the way to South, we stop by this town for lunch. It’s quite a neat and clean town with both “new” old designed and modern buildings.
Mao Bar
There was some good reviews of this place and also an award winning place, so we went to try it!
64 George Street  Palmerston North, 4410, New Zealand
Tel: +64 6 354 8410
Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
 The place’s external and internal design is so different. External is modern but internal is chinese.
What’s their signature dish? You won’t believe it if you’re a Malaysian.

Malaysian Chicken Curry (NZD20.90)
Their famous and signature dish! Something away from the western food. Being a Malaysian, this is not a fantastic curry but “yes, it is spicy” as the menu states. It’s a not bad dish, though.

Roast Kumara and Salmon Stack (NZD17.90)
 Roast kumara is roast sweet potato. It’s like potato croquette. The kumara taste nice with a little sweet potato sweetness but it’s a little dry if you eat on its own. You must eat with the smoked salmon or salad.
Lambs fry and Bacon (NZD17.90)
 If you like liver, try this. Lambs’ liver with bacon. It’s juicy and quite tasty with the portobello mushroom and red wine sauce but I’m not a big fan of liver. So, I won’t be able to finish the whole plate.
Steak Sandwich (NZD20.90)
Mmm~~! The combination of medium rare beef and caramelised onion is good even for a person who doesn’t like onions. It would be better if the bread is crispier.


Lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand. There are many activities you can do around this lake, where one of the famous one is Trout fishing, that is if you have the time and patience to do it. Check out more at http://www.greatlaketaupo.com/
Huka Falls
Huka falls is the largest falls on Waikato River, the longest river which drains its water from Lake Taupo, the largest lake in New Zealand. With so many ~est, this is the place to visit! The fall’s water is turquoise colour and is equivalent to 5 Olympic swimming pool pouring down every minute.
Huka means “foam” in Maori language. See how much foam the water / falls can make! Here, you can enjoy the scenery with nature walks or jetboat. Check out more at http://www.hukafalls.com/
The rushing water before it falls


About 1 km of rushing water


The Huka Falls


The end where the falls stop falling

Huka Prawn Park

Near the Huka Falls is a prawn park you can spend some time fishing prawn, park tour, prawn or fish feeding, etc.

Karetoto Road  Wairakei, Taupo 3377, New Zealand
Tel: +64 07 374 8474


About 09:00 – 15:30, depending on the activity you want to do. Check the website for details.


We didn’t have time to spend time in the park but this is a definite place to eat some fresh prawns!
1 kilo of steam prawns (~NZD45)
 This is the current promotion dish with many different sizes of prawns. The size does not matter because even the smallest prawn has meat and the meat if fresh! Superbly delicious! Once you start, you can’t stop. Serious! A definite must try! (^_^)d