Reaching Christchurch, we first visted one of the famous attraction.

International Antartic Centre

38 Orchard Road  Christchurch Airport 8053, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 353 7798


Hours: Daily 09:00 – 17:30

Admission: From NZD25 to 65, depending of the attractions you choose to visit

There these much to do
Storm room: Temperature that goes down to -18 degree celcius
Hagglund ride
Penguin viewing and feeding (10:30 and 15:30 only)
4D movie (prepare some tissues)

The town

Seeing the after effects of Christchurch town is really sad. It was once a lively place but now it looks rather desserted.

The Cathedral

A icon in the centre of the town was once beautiful.

Picture source: Google image

But now, it’s sad… and this is the nearest we can be.

The affected areas shaded in red.


Re:Start is an effort rebuild the town supported by Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and it starts here at City Mall with a shopping place made out of containers.



The casino is still proudly standing and was not affected by the earthquake.

Victoria Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8013  New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 365 9999


Food in Christchurch

With the town in rebuilding, there is not much to eat in town. There are restaurants scattered around. If rented a car, take a drive to Riccarton Road. The street has many restaurants from Asian to Western and supermarket.

Accomodation: City Centre Motel

Picture source: City Centre Motel

876 Colombo Street  Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 372 9294


Price range: ~NZD60 per person (includes free limited internet usage)

Lake Tekapo

This lake is the 2nd largest lake in South island. It is a beautiful place to view stars but we weren’t take lucky that day. It was a very cloudy day!

Check out more activities here

This lake is a turquoise-coloured lake where the water are from glaciers of the Southern Alps.

Church of the Good Shepherd

This an iconic place at Lake Tekapo. It was built in 1935 as a place of worship for the pioneer families of Mackenzie country.

One you reach Lake Tekapo town, it’s very apparent by the lake.

Summer (October – April) 09:00 – 17:00
Winter (May – September) 10:00 – 16:00

Collie Sheep Dog

This statue is dedicated to the working collie dog of the Mackenzie and was commissioned on 7th March 1968.


Accomodation: Lake Tekapo Scenic Resort

State Highway 8, Lake Tekapo

Tel: +64 3 680 6808


Price range: ~NZD65 per person (include free limited internet usage)

Cromwell to Salmon


This town is famous for fresh fruits but it wasn’t a good time when we went. We can’t find an open stall that sells fresh fruits.

Before reaching Cromwell town, you will passby a mining place.
Goldfields Mining Centre
State Highway 6  Cromwell 9384, New Zealand
Tel: +64  3 445 1038
Admission: Goldfields experiance 1 hour NZD25; Freedom tour 1-2 hours NZD20

We didn’t go through the tour but you may want to visit.

Part of the historical mining place


East side of the South island is a place of salmon. On our way to Lake Tekapo, there are places that sells fresh salmon or you can travel all the way to Rakaia town.

High Country Salmon

State Highway 8, Twizel, 7944 New Zealand
(3-4km south of Twizel town, you will see it by the highway)

Tel: +64 21 400 385

This is a canal farm. You can feed salmons for free and buy some salmon sashimi and fresh salmon (whole or cut) to cook at the motel.

This pack for NZD25


NZD18.90 per kg


Mount Cook Alpine Salmon

State Highway 8, Pukaki 7999 New Zealand
(When approaching Lake Pukaki, take note of their sign. You need to turn up a hill from the powerhouse until you see a lake on the hill)

Tel: +64 3 435 0018


Hours: Daily 08:30 – late

This is the highest salmon in the world using glacier water to farm the salmon. However, they have lesser choices here when we came and it’s also slightly more expensive.

Passing by Lake Pukaki, there is a very beautiful view even though it’s a cloudy day.


A lot more information here

The town

Enjoy yourself with a walk around town and by the Lake Wakatipu.

Cookie time for cookies lover



TSS Earnslaw Lake Cruise

A 1912 Edwardian vintage twin screw steamer still cruising Lake Wakatipu. Check out some package deals here

Walter Peak High Country Farm

The cruise make a stop at the country farm at another end of Lake Wakatipu. If you’re interested, check it on the website above for a different package at different prices.

For a fee, they also serve BBQ buffet lunch before the farm tour.

The farm tour consists introduction of the place and a few activities and shows.

Sheep feeding
Sheep sheering
Wool spinning


Sheep dog in action

Skyline Gondola

Taking the gondola (a.k.a. cable car) 450 metres up Bob’s Peak for the view of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu.


Brecon St, Queenstown, New Zealand

Tel: +64 3 441 0101


Hours: Daily 09:00 – late

Admission: Check out their website for return trips and package deals.

Skyline Luge

From the peak’s main building, take another chairlift up for the luge ride! It’s a very fun and thrilling ride! You will want to pay for more ride. Take at least 2 rides to experience both the scenic and advanture track.

Note to friends: Even if you have taken the ride at Sentosa, Singapore, do take this one. It’s SO much more fun!



At the end of the day, we stumble upon an amazing view at the bottom of the hill. Setting sunlight and bright moonlight shining upon the opposite mountains.

Winter Ski

To purchase your passes, rent equipments or clothes, and arrange for shuttle (or drive up yourself), you can go to the Snow Centre.

The Station Building
Duke Street, Queenstown, New Zealand

Tel: +64 3 450 1970


Admission: Refer the website

For rental of equipments and clothes, you can go to a cheaper shop. However, if you rent equipments from another shop, you need to carry them with you up the mountain instead of renting them on the mountain. So, depends on whether you’re up for it, the equipments are quite heavy.

39 Camp Street  Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 442 4187


The Remarkables

Near Queenstown, there are 2 mountains you can go to, Coronet Peak or The Remarkables. For a newbie like me, I chose The Remarkables because it has a higher percentage of area for beginners. Anyway, I can’t very much choose which is better to ski while I’ve never done it before.

More info here

The facilities are great. The one I love most is they have elevated certain parts of the hill so that you don’t need to carry your skis up the hill after each ski down.


A must-try burger when you’re in Queenstown. Fergburger is an oversized burger!

42 Shotover Street  Queenstown Town Centre 9300, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 441 1232


Fergburger with cheddar (NZD12)
This is good! The beef patty is still juicy with loads of vegetables and cheese. Love it!

Locally made mulled wine (NZD7.50)
During a cold weather, this is a very good wine. It’s a hot wine and taste a little like ginger tea but I don’t think it is ginger. Good stuff!

Fishbone Bar & Grill 

A seafood restaurant.

7 Beach Street  Queenstown Town Centre 9300, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 442 6768


Hours: Daily 17:00 – 22:00

We came here to try out some oyster because they have oysters live from their tank! When we were there, Bluff Oysters were not in season. So we had to try the other 2 types that they have, Tio Point and Waiheke oysters.

Looks appetising eh? But I’m a little disappointed again. It’s better than the those I tried at Auckland but they are still not fresh enough with a little fishy taste. Not so much of “sweetness” of oysters apparent. (-_-)

Limited Edition Fast Foods

Here are some fast foods that is only available at limited time and in New Zealand only.

McDonald’s Serious Lamb Burger

This is good! It has bacon, egg and vegetables. The lamb patty is nice but some people may still dislike the “mutton” smell which to me, it just very light.

KFC’s Double Down

The chicken meat replaces the bread with bacon and cheese. It comes in 3 flavours of chicken meat – Zinger, Original and Grilled. This is delicious! The chicken meat is tender and delicious.

Accomodation: Mantra Marina Queenstown

When you come to Queenstown, it’s best to stay at Frankton Road facing Lake Wakatipu. The view is beautiful and serene.

Picture soure: Mantra Marina website

875 Frankton Road  Frankton, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 450 9096


Price range:
~NZD70 per person (includes free unlimited internet usage)



Arrowtown is a historic gold mining town in the Otago region. Now, remains only a little of the historicly designed buildings. There is also a Lake District Museum to let you understand about their life during old mining days ( ).

For more,