High UV protection Buff – The original multifunctional headwear

Few months back, it was the first time I was introduced with this headwear which just look like a normal cloth. It is interesting how useful it is, easy to wash (machine washable) and easy to carry around.

“High UV Protection BUFF® is a seamless, multifunctional tubular accessory ideal for many warm and hot weather activities. Made with Coolmax® Extreme, High UV Protection BUFF® will wick moisture (sweat) away from your skin faster than any other fabric, making it perfect for every outdoor activity under the sun.” (buffwear.com)


This is how small it can be folded. Note: My hand is a little smaller than average.


Buff comes in many types but the most common ones are the ones with UV and non-UV. It is an average of 95% UV protection. Not only that, it comes with polygiene that permanently controls odor. How good can it be, right?


Product name: Emin
Product code: 100088

There are various ways to wear it. You can refer them to the cardboard that comes with the buff. Here they are…



For more information, you can see behind the cardboard (like below) or visit their website at www.buff.eu.


I bought it in Singapore at Outdoor Life, that has 2 outlets. For non UV buff, it’s $30 and for UV, it’s $45.

Outdoor Life Novena
238 Thomson Road #02-60/67 Singapore 307683
Tel: +65 6255 4814

Outdoor Life Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road #02-18 Singapore 238880
Tel: +65 6235 5928

Outdoor Life sells lots of stuffs for outdoor activities from cycling, hiking, running, etc. You can visit their website at www.outdoorlife.com.sg.




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