Baking conversion and substitution

I found this site provides wonderful information on what we usually struggle to find when we face with different versions of recipes, whether it’s a US or UK metric. No sweat. Just visit Pastryscoop.

This site provides more than just metric conversions. It also gives you information on ingredient substitutions. A one-stop place to visit!




Kettle / Pot cleaner ポット洗浄

When your kettle starts to build stains at the bottom or the wall of the inner pot, you’ll think about getting a new kettle or pot. Before you do that, try this! I recommend this pot cleaner. It works wonders!


Choose one that says 除菌 (kills bacteria) and 植物系 (plant type) which I personally prefer for safe and effective cleaning.

This is how my kettle looks before and after the cleaning. Amazing, right? This saves you loads of money from buying a new kettle!





This whole pack is written in Japanese but you can find other packs that may be written in Chinese. Here is my version of English translation instructions for this pack.

1) Put in hot water about 40 degree celcius into the pot up to the maximum line.

2) Put in one pack of the cleaning powder and leave it soak for about 30-40 minutes. Note: While cleaning, please notify everyone or put a note on the pot so that nobody will drink the water.

3) Once time is up, pour away the water and wash the pot under running water until clean.

Please read instructions properly before using as different brands has different methods of cleaning.

This pack can be purchased from Homes (everything at RM4.99) or similar pack but different brands from Daiso (everything at RM5.00).



Korean mini rice cooker 韩版 迷你电饭煲

I would like to recommend this as I find it very suitable for people who stays alone and would love to cook but usually for 1-2 person. A small portable mini rice cooker!


The whole box comes with a mini cooker, a power cable, a stainless steel tray, a measuring cup and a spatula.

Details of the product

Rated voltage : 220V – 240V
Rated Frequency : 50Hz – 60 Hz
Power : 150W
Rated capacity : 1.0L
Gross weight per box : 0.99kg

I love this cooker of its non stick inner pot which is easy to clean.


Both the inner pot and the shell is joint which makes me worry that water will get into the cooker through the power socket but I worry too soon. The power socket is designed with a silicon cover which prevents water to get in. However, you must also be cautious to close the cover properly and as it cautions you, “don’t put it in water”. After a few usage, it’s still working fine!


The cooker is simple to use as it has only 2 buttons, either “Cook” (the red light will light up) or “Slow Cook Keep Warm” (the green light will light up). It was introduced that the cooker can keep warm for about 4 hours with attaching to the power. This, I have not tried as I prefer to eat my food right after its cooked.


When you cook something, caution that there will be a lot of steam coming out from a hole on the top cover. The amount of steam will depend on what you are cooking. You may want to put a cloth below the cooker if there is too much steam as the steam turns to water pretty fast.


The box does not provide any recipes but the promoter recommended these simple recipes. Note: 1 cup serving is using the measuring cup provided in the box.

White rice : 1 cup with 1 1/2 cups water

Brown rice : 1 cup with 2 cups water

Porridge : 1 cup with 7-8 cups water

Spaghetti : Boil half a pot water, then put in spaghetti and cover for about 5 minutes

Steamed egg : 1 egg with 1 cup water (using stainless steel tray provided, put at the top of the inner pot after the rice has been cooked for about 7-8 minutes)

Please note that the above are just suggested methods. I tried with brown rice but as the type of brown rice that I use is different from their demo, I think I may have put a little too much water if I follow their suggestions. You will still need to try it with your own ingredients to get the taste and texture that you prefer.

Mixed grains brown rice with carrot, pumpkin and ginger

Mixed grains brown rice with carrot, pumpkin and ginger

I bought mine at a road show by Ideahom Centre, which comes with 1 year warranty. For more information, you may contact them at

Ideahom Centre Sdn Bhd
21G & 21M, Jalan 6/9,
Taman Komersial Pandan Indah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +603 4295 5688
Email :

I also saw it at Sungai Long night market (operates every Tuesday night at Jalan SL1, Bandar Sungai Long) and Mahkota Cheras Aeon’s Mr DIY, which sells other brands and sizes as well.