Playing with mini blocks

A sudden craze for mini blocks started from McDonald’s nano block collectible set.

For me, I got disappointed from my first purchase of McDonald’s nano block fries as I can’t fix it from scratch. It’s pre-fixed nano block. Maybe it’s for the safety of small children.

Alternatively, we got the Wise Hawk mini block set. This gives me satisfaction of playing with mini blocks. ^^

You can buy it from here.


The set comes in individual boxes for each item. Inside, it’s packed in plastic bag and instructions. One of my instructions was not provided correctly but the seller sent an email through to rectify this problem before I even started with fixing it.

You can also buy this container that comes with a plastic tweezer. I find it good to have because mini blocks can be so small for my fingers to handle.img_7306

Inside one of the packet, it comes with an item that helps you to remove the mini block if you fix it incorrectly. If you see the grey item in the above picture that looks like a long “S”.

It looks similar to nano block.

¬†Taadaa! ¬†All looks similar to the McDonald’s set except for the restaurant and Ronald Mcdonald.

There are many different sets or individual miniatures that you can play. We got another one, the sushi set.

Looks good eh?

From each pack that you fix, they provide extra blocks just in case you lose any. There are very minimal few that are not molded nicely or broken. So the extras are good to have.

From the extras, you can find instructions from the Internet and fix a few more items you like but the specific colours you have may not be enough. For me, as long as I can get the same shape, I just mix and match the colours and got a piano and Christmas tree!

Here are the instructions for piano and Christmas tree:


Christmas tree


Gokey 1:32 Cyclone Magnum


First time getting myself busy with a Cyclone Magnum from Gokey. Let’s see what’s in place for me and how it turns out.


If you frequently fix models or have the interest to do it, I think investing in a cutter similar to this would be nice to have giving a nice clean cut of the pieces from the attachment. However, you will also need to becareful as it’s very sharp and may accidentally cut too much of the actual piece that you want.


I was too excited to start immediately without taking a photo of the items that comes in the box. Most of the things you need, should be inside to enable me to get me this far to have a car base with tires.


There is instructions on the inner side of the box cover. You will also need small philip screwdriver and 2 AA batteries.


I found that there are some things in the instruction that are not in the box such as the attachment to the back of the car base (instruction 7); and O-ring with small wheel (instruction 8).


What is left from the box which I’m not sure where to fix it are 2 round pieces and a small steel bar.


One thing that had scratching my head is this piece. It’s a metal pieces to connect with the batteries. The instruction does not guide how it should be fixed. So if anyone have any idea. Please let me know. Thank you. Anyway, it’s a nice display, though. ^^

Christmas decoration with felt for cookie jar

I had some felts kept aside for a very long time and I thought to do something with it. While Christmas is coming, let’s do some cookie jar decoration as gifts! You can either buy some cookies or bake them yourself. As for the jar, you can use any type of jar. I bought mine from Ikea.

Here are some of the colours that I have. The few Christmas colours to have are green, red, white, and orange.


You can use any kind of thread depending on how thick you want the outline to be. I choose the normal threads because I prefer to have thinner outlines. If you are not sure what colours to get, you can buy the sewing box which gives you a mixture of colours to use.


Before starting on what deco to do, you can first measure and cut out a round-shape cloth as the top cover of the cookie jar. The size of the circle would depend on how much you want the cloth to cover the jar and where to tie the ribbon. If still unsure, cut a bigger round and snip it smaller when you tie it on the jar.


I got my inspiration randomly from Google and came out with these for my 3 cookie jars. You can see that I did not sew all the borders of the mini cloth to the main cloth and use the threads as part of the decoration like the yellow lines on the Christmas tree. I think it is ok to do that if it is not for heavy usage. Otherwise, the sides will be folded or curve up after a few use.

IMG_1570 IMG_1569IMG_1571

This is how it looks on the cookie jar. You can buy any patterned ribbon to tie it on.