Quinoa chickpea salad

I recently tried a salad at a friend’s place and it was really good. I got the recipe from my friend and here it is!

1 cucumber
2-3 tomatoes depending on size
2 packets of parsley (from supermarket)
1 bunch spring onions/sometimes mint if available
1 big red onion
1 can chickpeas
1 cup quinoa

Combine Juice of half a lemon with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of honey. Salt and pepper to taste.

Just mix everything.

My version (as pictured) has no onion, no spring onion, and less parsley because of my selective taste bud.

1) For quinoa every 1 cup boil in 1.5 cups of water on low flame til absorbed. I used a mini rice cooker.
2) You can also use bulgar wheat which is the original or use cous cous (normal or pearl type) works too.


Playing with mini blocks

A sudden craze for mini blocks started from McDonald’s nano block collectible set.

For me, I got disappointed from my first purchase of McDonald’s nano block fries as I can’t fix it from scratch. It’s pre-fixed nano block. Maybe it’s for the safety of small children.

Alternatively, we got the Wise Hawk mini block set. This gives me satisfaction of playing with mini blocks. ^^

You can buy it from here.


The set comes in individual boxes for each item. Inside, it’s packed in plastic bag and instructions. One of my instructions was not provided correctly but the seller sent an email through to rectify this problem before I even started with fixing it.

You can also buy this container that comes with a plastic tweezer. I find it good to have because mini blocks can be so small for my fingers to handle.img_7306

Inside one of the packet, it comes with an item that helps you to remove the mini block if you fix it incorrectly. If you see the grey item in the above picture that looks like a long “S”.

It looks similar to nano block.

 Taadaa!  All looks similar to the McDonald’s set except for the restaurant and Ronald Mcdonald.

There are many different sets or individual miniatures that you can play. We got another one, the sushi set.

Looks good eh?

From each pack that you fix, they provide extra blocks just in case you lose any. There are very minimal few that are not molded nicely or broken. So the extras are good to have.

From the extras, you can find instructions from the Internet and fix a few more items you like but the specific colours you have may not be enough. For me, as long as I can get the same shape, I just mix and match the colours and got a piano and Christmas tree!

Here are the instructions for piano and Christmas tree:


Christmas tree


The Coffee Bar, Bandar Sungai Long


Situated at the centre of the Sungai Long prime area, near UTAR but with limited car park slots, a nice place to have coffee and food. A simple relaxing place to hangout with nice coffee. I visit this place on 2 occasions and I would be back for more!

They serve western food, mainly waffles, spaghetti, salad and other main courses. I find some of the descriptions on the dishes hilarious, introducing the food with a little touch of excitement and “obvious, right?”. Or maybe it depends on your tone when you’re reading it. ^^

Just one particular note, I noticed that some of the tables were not level (coffee may flow out a little) and some chairs were shaky. Just becareful.


Vanilla Latte (RM10.90)

I would love to recommend trying their Latte. I was taken by surprised of the smoothness of the froth milk which brought to me a satisfaction of having this cup of latte. Of course the strength of the coffee was also to my liking at it was not too strong but yet there is a nice coffee taste, although mine has a dash of vanilla syrup. You can rehydrate from your coffee with free plain water served.


The Honey Bee Waffle (RM12.90)

Waffles! On the first page of the menu. You can have it sweet or savoury, we went for the sweet one.

At first cut, excited and happy with the sound of the crunch and YES, it is crunchy! It has a pungent taste similar to Chinese egg cake 鸡蛋糕. However, it leaves an after taste (if eating the waffle on its on) which can be covered by the fresh fruits, vanilla ice cream and drizzles of caramel sauce.


Tossed Mixed Salad (RM6.90)

A typical salad with rather good portion of varieties. It’s served with lettuce, cherry tomato, capsicum, croutons, onions, and sprinkles of cheese powder. There is no need to mix the vegetables as its name says it all, tossed-mixed-salad, it is has been tossed mixed for you. Anyway, there is no space for you to tossed mixed it.


Chicken Bolognese (RM7.90)

Minced chicken in bolognese sauced cooked with spaghetti and topped with cheese powder and parsley. I liked that the sauce is not too overwhelming with thickness nor too disappointing with watery sauce. It was good enough for me to finish to the last bits.


Vegetarino Creamy (RM7.90)

Tried the red, try the white! This dish’s name got me tongue twisted. Simple creamy mushroom spaghetti with the sprinkles of cheese powder and parsley. Nothing fancy but has an appetising taste. Not like some creamy spaghetti which gives you the “I had enough” feeling. This is one that I do not mind going back for.


Midnight Chocolate (RM11.90)

The cakes in the chiller are not in the best attracting display but it does contains moisture of cakes. Unable to see clearly of each cakes outlook and texture, I went for the safest flavour. A typical chocolate Mille crepe. Fortunately this cake did not pull my midnight gloom out on a bright day. *Haha, trying hard to blend cake’s name with my descriptions.* The happiest thing to happen when you eat mille crepe is that it cuts easily with your fork and does not collapse easily. Tick-tick, woohoo!

Note: WIFI password on the receipt.


Overall rating: 7/10

47, Ground Floor,
Jalan SL 1/3, Batu 11,
Bandar Baru Sungai Long,
43000 Kajang,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Operating hours: Everyday 10.00am – 10.00pm

Website: www.thecoffeebar.cafe

Eight Acres, Raub, Pahang

Eight acres, situated about 36km from Bentong town or about 24km from Raub town, is a place of calming nature filled with fun adventures and activities.


A place suitable for city-livers who would like to be in touch with nature yet prefer proper amenities or people who wants to seek a quiet serene environment to blend with nature.

This is basically what you can see or do around the area. This map is not scaled to actual. So actually all the places are just rather near to each other. No problem walking around except for some slopes at certain areas.

A place that you will need to recognize is the main building where most common areas are located. It houses common rooms on the ground floor and bedrooms on the first floor.

Tatami hall greets you with a spacious living area for relaxing or playing board or traditional games. All board or traditional games are provided free to play. If the weather is too hot, there are portable air conditioner available for use.

Next to the Tatami hall is the dining area. This is where your meals are served. Plain water (hot or room temperature) is provided as well for consumption throughout the day. Can drinks or package snacks are payable but it’s self service based on trust.

Looking out from dining area is a deck for dining or resting. A souvenir shop on the left for you to purchase some stuffs for memories or a foldable hammock we enjoyed lying in.

Other places on the ground floor is the kitchen (for staffs only) and common restrooms.

Heading up to the first floor, gives you a spacious balcony for relaxing, 6 rooms that can fit 3-4 person per room, a common bathroom area with 2 toilets and 2 showers.

There are other small houses nearby for visitors stay depending on your privacy and view request or number of visitors.


Checking in at 1pm, our first activity started with an introduction by the owner of Eight Acres, Mr. Edward Kam (or Uncle Kam), giving us some insights of Eight Acres’s history and some of the plants and houses around the area. Short but extensive enough for you the understand the effort to bring life to this place.


We then have some ABC (Air Batu Campur). Letting you body to cool before the durian buffet! Simple yet delicious.


At around 3pm, durian buffet commences! We all swarmed around the “durian table” anxiously waiting to put our hands on the yellowish fleshy durians.


After the durian, we can take a dip at the nearby waterfall. Definitely walking distance. It’s just across the main building. Cooling down the heat from the durian eating.

I think it’s also a nice place for children to get close around animals and even to play some exciting games. Here are some pictures of them!





We signed up for a 2D1N Durian festival package which is RM280 per pax, inclusive of a durian buffet, 3 meals, and lodging. Additional fee do apply for some of the games.

If you’re interested, you can check out their website in the link below.

Address: Lot 7822, Mukim Gali, Off Sungai Klau, 27630 Raub, Pahang, Malaysia

Tel: +603 7877 5048

Email: info@eightacres.net

Website: http://eightacres.net

Thirdwave Cafe, Nexus, Bangsar South

New exploration at Bangsar South brought me to this place.



This place is not decorated fantastically but it has different corner which can suit your mood or taste but what got me excited was the food. Let’s head right to it!


Retro Scotch Egg (RM26.00)

I personally love this and would recommend it. It’s presented with runny yolk egg wrapped with chicken minced meat lay on shredded beets and carrot, and creamy mashed cauliflower, topped with a little alfalfa sprouts. The minced chicken is a little salty on its own but is balanced up with the cauliflower. Well combined dish!


Avocado Smorrebrod  (RM23.00)

Smorrebrod is a Danish open sandwich which usually served with dark brown rye bread topped with your selected toppings. Mine is topped with half Australian avocado and dash of matcha powder, and poached egg, toasted nuts and feta cheese. A simple but rather filling dish.


Darling’s egg (RM23.00)

It looks like a very simple “I-also-can-cook” dish but never judge a book by its cover. Chicken salami served on a bed of rocket leaves, accompanied with 63C eggs and crispy polenta. What you don’t see is the homemade tomato and French rose sauce. The sauce is a plus ingredient! Crispy polenta is cornmeal and the texture tasted like potato. Nice!


Thirdwave Big Brekkie (RM35.00)

A large plate of many things: scrambled eggs, buttered toast, portobello mushroom, half avocado, Halloumi cheese, artisanal sausage, charred cherry tomatoes, and smoky beef bacon. If you don’t take beef, please inform the waitress. Sausage has a choice of chili beef or herbed chicken. Very full meal.

They also have outside seating.

Overall rating : 8/10

Unit 1-11, Level 1 Nexus, Bangsar South
7, Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 2242 2126

Operating hours: 10.00am – 11.00pm