Batang Ai Iban Longhouse, Sarawak – Day Three

Day Three

The second morning waking up to an orchestral alarm clock of many roosters’ crow was actually funny to me. I tried recording the sound but it’s not clear, otherwise it will definitely be my morning alarm.

The villagers’ morning started similar to the day before with repairing fishing nets, weaving, beading, washing clothes, cleaning up visitors’ room after they left.


Our last breakfast at the longhouse was simple Sedap instant noodle with hard boiled eggs. Happy and full tummy!


Before leaving the village, our guide showed us a demonstration of how to use a blowpipe, a traditional weapon for hunting. We got the chance to try it out as well. The blowpipe is made of a type of thick wood where a hole is manually drilled in the centre. the centre hole will be to be straight otherwise the making process will need to start all over again. It was very heavy weapon with a knife tied on the end of the blowpipe. Not only the blowpipe was heavy, I also didn’t have enough air to shoot at the target. 2 trials, failed.

We then continued our more than 4 hours journey through the boat and car with a stop by at Serian for lunch. We managed to reached Kuching earlier than then expected with more time to rest and walk around Kuching town. It was a good experience with great hospitality by the host family and our guide, Nixon. A very big thank you to them!

The 3D2N package cost RM980 per pax inclusive of land transfer, entrance fee to national park, head tax, guide fee, 2 night accommodation at the longhouse and full board meal. Our contribution gives the villagers, our boatmen and host, an opportunity to earn extra income.

If you are interested with this package, you may contact

Escapade Borneo / Adventure Alternative Borneo

Contact person : Danny Voon




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