Use of MyTeksi app in Kuala Lumpur


Recently, I was introduced to use MyTeksi app to book a taxi. It has been a long time since I booked a taxi in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a user-friendly app where you can easily see if there are any nearby taxis. Once you input your location, you can see the drivers bidding for your booking. The successful bid will give you the car plate number, the driver’s name and phone number. You can also track your driver’s location.

I made a 2 days advance booking. You can call the driver to confirm the booking or wait for the driver to call you. What I liked was 10 minutes after I got on the taxi, a staff from MyTeksi called me to make sure that I got on the taxi. I got to know that not every person got that call. I’m not sure why but it gave me a comfort that my booking is in record. It was a rather safe experience which I would recommend others to try it, if you have not.

For more information, you can visit this website.

From the few taxis that I sat, they had the MyTeksi sticker and also EasyTaxi, which I have not tried yet.


For more information of EasyTaxi, click here.

Have a safe journey!

Cervical (Neck) exercise 颈椎操

I have developed discomfort and ache on my neck. I went for massage and the masseur will say that my cervical 颈椎 is not good. I find it getting stiff during long hours of work in front of the computer and more bothering when it aches after long hours of run. I have reduced my backache with exercise but I think my past exercise has not work enough on my cervival. I find yoga helps and through google, these are recommended specifically for cervical exercise. Some pose may look like yoga pose too.

exercise exercise2



Free WiFi hotspots in Japan

Most of us are so dependent on our smartphones, looking for maps, information and guides when we travel.


If you travel eastern Japan, free WiFi for 14 days is available at certain hotspots provided by NTT East.

Free wifi japan

Click here to visit the website. It will have sufficient guides on how you can obtain the access and where. This will be your first stop or first thing to do before you visit Japan.

A summary of what to do :

1) Obtain your free WiFi ID and password, either before the trip by downloading the app “Navitime for Japan Travel”, click on “Free Wi-Fi Spots” and you will be guided on your next step; or if you are already in Japan, you can check out the link below on where to get your Free WiFi Card.

Free WiFi Card distribution locations : Click here

2) Step by step guide is also provided on how to connect. Click here.

3) To locate connection hotspots, you can check it on the website link here, or check more hotspots through the app.

Some points that you need to take note :

a) This WiFi services is only available for consecutive 14 days from your first login.

b) You can only request for free WiFi ID and password through app when you are outside of Japan.

c) There is an expiration date for the ID and password.  So, you have to login within 6 months from issue date.

d) The ID and password cannot be reissued for 90 days after last issue.


For travelers to western Japan, you have 2 options depending on your destination.


Free WiFi provided by Osaka City Tourism – Click here.


Free WiFi provided by JR-West – Click here.