Felda Residence Hot Springs, Sungkai, Perak

If you plan to go to Penang from Kuala Lumpur or the other way round, you can consider this place as part of your journey, especially if you just want to relax and recuperate from stress.


Photo source: www.feldaresidencehotsprings-perak.com


About 90 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, a place in the middle of a forest of palm trees. A decently maintain place suitable for individuals, couples or family to enjoy. If it’s your first trip, I recommend that you arrive before night falls because the road heading to the place does not have street lamps.


There are deluxe rooms and 1 to 3 bedroom villas. We enjoyed the spacious air-conditioned deluxe room with cable tv. However, the size of the tv is rather small for the size of the room where your bed is rather far from the tv. Well, if you’re not going to spend most of your time watching tv, it doesn’t matter, right?


The hot springs, being the main attraction, covers a rather big area with different temperatures and usage. Only the main pool has cold water for you to cool down your body temperature and close up your pores. From the main pool, you will need to walk a small distance to other pools such as therapeutic pool, family pool, and mountain springs pool. All pools are warm or hot, except for mountain springs pool which is about slightly cooler than body temperature. Here are pictures of some of the pools.




Some of the fun stuffs that you can do around the hot springs are…


IMG_3597 IMG_3598

Egg boiling

You can purchase 6 eggs for RM5 or 30 eggs for RM20 to boil them yourself at the specific egg boiling hot spring. There is a board that indicates how long you should boil them for the type of boil you want. I accidentally touched the stone surrounding the egg boiling hot spring and yes! It’s hot!

Walk on therapeutic stones

The stone path at the therapeutic pool is somewhat different from those you see at the park. Other than feeling pain from the pointy stones, you will also feel hot from the hot water on the stone path. After few minutes, your feet will adapt.

Water slides

Even if you are not a child, *whisper* if there are no kids at the Mountain Springs pool, have fun with the slide! There are 2 different slide, where one is short and low and the other is higher and curved. The higher slide will rush you down faster, it is rather fun!


There are bicycles that you can rent at the reception. You can only cycle around the residence compound which is not that big but if you have no idea what else to do, you can go for it.


For food, there are some cafe’s around the hot spring area for some snacks during lunch and for dinner, you can only head to Meranti Coffee House, if you are lazy to drive out. The average price for 1 individual dish is about RM15-20.

Felda Sungai KlahSungkaiPerak35600Malaysia

Tel: +605 4388 801

Hot springs operating hours: 8.00am – 7.00pm

Website: www.feldaresidencehotsprings-perak.com

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