Outlet malls in Seoul

Other than going to Dongdaemun for shopping, another place that you may want to check out is Gasan Digital Complex Station. Near this Metro station has many outlet malls for many well known brands. It’s range is similar to a departmental store, from fashion to bedding, but mostly fashion for men, women and young ones.

Head to Metro Line 1 or 7, Gasan Digital Complex Station, Exit 4.


Once you exit, you will Mario Outlet Mall from afar. You are on the right track. Walk towards that direction.


You will first come to Fashion Island Mall before reaching Mario Outlet Mall. It is also an outlet mall but with only 2 floors and less choices. You can check it out and the entrance would already have some stalls on the sale items that they sell. I would think that most people would head straight for Mario Outlet Mall.


(Source: www.visitseoul.net)

Mario Outlet Mall has 3 buildings. After Fashion Island Mall, you will first come to Mario 3, which is then linked to Mario 2 then 1. It houses a wide range of fashions but at the same item there are some brands that are repeated. Yet, you will still want to take a look at them. There are also a wide range of restaurants to fill your tummy and rest your legs.

Mario 3 : Sports, women wear, casual wear, kids, bedding, furnitures, toys and men wear, premium restaurants.

Mario 2 : Outdoor, golf zone, childcare facilities, fastfood.

Mario 1 : Inner wear, young casual, men wear, women wear, food court, korean restaurants.

Operating hours : 10.30am – 9.00pm (Extended hours Friday – Sunday to 9.30pm)

Website : http://www.mariooutlet.co.kr/

After you exit from Mario 1, you will come to an inter-junction. At the corner of each junction has also an outlet mall.


W Mall (Outlet Mall)

Range : Cosmetics, women and men wear, sports, casual, kids, and restaurants.

Operating hours : 10.30am – 9pm

Website : http://www.w-mall.co.kr/


Hyundai Outlet Mall

Range : Street casual, young casual, men and women wear, sports wear, cinema and restaurants.

Operating hours : 10.30am – 9.00pm

For other outlet shopping in South Korea, please visit this link.









Mijeong Gugsu 0410, Seoul 미정국수0410

20140531-110432-39872259.jpgFirst time trying this shop. It’s a rather famous shop for its anchovy soup noodle.


You will first order from the electronic vending machine. Lucky for us, it has english names and pictures. Then, get your plain water, either hot or cold, from the prepared dispenser. Then grab a seat, either at the bar or at the small tables by the wall.


Remember to keep your receipt. They will call the number on the top of the receipt. You will need to learn a little how the number is called so that you can raise your hand to receive your orders.


There’s free flow kimchi before you have your main meal. This is a common sight at any restaurants you go in Korea. Side dishes are served and refillable.



Anchovy Noodle (Myeolchi Gugsu) (KRW3,000)

Thin noodles served in hot and clear anchovy soup. It’s anchovy soup is rather appetising which is light but at the same time has the anchovy taste. Simple yet delicious. You can have it spicy or non spicy.


Warm noodles with soy sauce (Ganbi Gugsu) (KRW4,000)

Warm thin noodles mixed with minced pork and cooked vegetables in soy sauce. It’s a little like bibimbab but with noodle and not rice. It’s soy sauce is not very salty with sesame oil taste. It’s a delicious dry noodle. You can also have it spicy.


Dumpling with red chili sauce (Gochugileummul Mandu) (KRW4,000)

Tender pork dumpling in a little chili oil. It’s a little spicy but you will want to dip the chili oil to get a better taste of the dumpling. Otherwise, it’s a little plain to eat on its own, especially after you have the dry noodles. The sesame soy sauce taste will cover the dumpling taste.


Pork Rice Ball (Gogijumeogbab) (KRW1,500)

Seasoned rice wrapped with some green chili, fried crisp and minced pork, then coated with seaweed slices. It’s a tasty onigiri. However, the minced pork are very few. You could not really bite into them.

They have many outlets but the once we went was at Hongdae area.

Overall rating : 8/10

486, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
(Near to Metro Line 2, Hongik University Station)

Operating hours : 11.30am – 10.00pm (Preparation time 3-4pm)

Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul


Bukchon, also called “the street museum in the urban core”, located between Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace, have many Hanok residentials, historical and cultural heritage sites. Hanok is Korea traditional houses.


(Source: Hanok Homestay)


You can see this map once you exit Anguk Metro Station, Exit 2, or you can also get a copy from the Jaedong Tourist Information Center, on your way to Bukchon. On the map, it has a highlighted route that you can follow to see the most of Hanok residential area. Just follow the sign to the Tourist Information Centre.


You can also check out Hanok homestay Information Centre (or website), if you wish for more Hanok experience, or engage an alley tour.


Where it’s an living residential area, many of the houses are not allowed to enter. We are to also try to keep out voices down to avoid disturbing the residents there. However, there are some art museums, craft centres and also a open house to visit with limited visitors per visit.



Halfway through Bukchon-ro 11-gil, you can see this house named Simsimheon, which is an actual living Hanok that you can see at KRW10,000 with a cup of tea.


There will be a lady to introduce you to the house. The top level of the house is for public viewing while the owner lives at the lower level.



This house has been refurbished to a certain extent where certain area of the house is suited to a modern lifestyle (especially the kitchen and bathroom) but at the same time its structure, living and resting room are still at it’s traditional ambience. It’s wooden structure has since lasted many years without any nails and still standing strong.


Its resting room has a window with serene and beautiful view. From afar, it can look like a picture of the window frame. This window is at the same time big enough to be a door for us to step out to the view of the garden below.


After the tour, you can take a seat to relax and is served with homemade cold plum tea. It’s refreshing and cooling while enjoying the view of the garden of the last time.


About 930m walk from Metro Line 3, Anguk Station, Exit 2.

Zi Xia Cave 紫霞洞, Gua Musang, Kelantan


A trip to Gua Musang brought me to visit a temple in this cave. Its Kuan Yin statue was the main attraction that was published in the newspapers a long while ago.



Its entrance welcome you with a nice fish pond with an old uncle statue fishing. You can either sit around the pond to a little rest or move on to the high flight of stairs next to the pond.


Looking forward to visit the temple, my determination and small little breaks got me through the long flight of stairs.


It’s amazing how this Kuan Yin is carved directly from stalagmites. As I was told, it was once a stalagmites that looks like Kuan Yin. It’s then someone did some touch up to today’s beautiful form. Now I see how it became famous.


This is the original stalagmites form in another area of this cave. Interesting~~~!


Kampung Pulai, Gua Musang, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Green Tea Restaurant, Hangzhou 绿茶餐厅


Being in Hangzhou, many local and foreign visitors will visit this famous restaurant many delicious local dishes. This is the first shop at Longjing Road, Hangzhou but has many outlets around Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Ningbo.


As it’s a famous restaurant, be sure to be prepared to queue and wait for 20-40 minutes. You will first need to get your queue number at the entrance. Take a order form and a pencil, then start filling the form with your orders. They have the whole menu on the form and pictures on the wall to help you decide. You can also observe what others order and ask which dish they recommend. Some are actual frequent customers.


Depends which table you are allocated (you have no options to choose your seats), you may get to enjoy your meal by the small lake beside the wooden structured building. However, as it was crowded, it was a little warm inside. It is best that you could get a table by the window for some fresh air.

Here are what we ordered.


BBQ Lamb Chop 香烤羊排 (RMB68) [Menu indication: One-star recommended dish]

It smells good when this was served with a nice BBQ smell but it wasn’t a dish that I would want a second bite because of the very pungent meaty taste that lingers in the mouth. In chinese we call it 骚 (sao). However, for those who loves lamb and can take that taste, you will love it.


Green Tea Crisp Cake 绿茶饼 (RMB12) [Menu indication: Two-star recommended dish]

I love this very much. I can have it again and again without stopping. It’s yam inside layered with green tea crispy cake and topped with roasted sesame. The crisp of the cake and the fragrant sesame go along very well. It was highly recommended by others and now I highly recommended it to you. ^_^


Bread Temptation 面包诱惑  (RMB28) [Menu indication: Signature dish]

Yes, it looks plain and unattractive but you can see this on many tables. Vanilla ice cream on toasted thick bread. The top and sides were toasted to a fragrant bread smell and crispy too. It’s nice for tea. I prefer the bread skin than the bread itself. ^^


Ice Peach Pulp 冰镇桃浆 (RMB10) [Menu indication: One-star recommended dish]

On a warm day, a cool dessert is always welcome. Have you tried Aiyu dessert before? It’s similar to that. It’s peach jelly in shaved iced with a few red dates to accompany. It’s another drink option to the rather sweet syrup beverage. Look for this under  “Cold dishes” and not “Dessert”.


Fish Head Temptation 鱼头诱惑 (RMB55) [Menu indication: Signature dish]

As it’s name says, “Temptation”. This plain steam fish can keep you wanting more, especially the sauce, goes very well with rice. It doesn’t look at all spicy but it quite spicy. It is topped with green chili and also comes with a small plate of noodle, to either dipped it in the sauce before you eat or just add in. Although it’s fish head but there’s rather good portion of meat to share around. However, you will need to be very careful will alot of bones.


Tofu and Thousand Year-old Eggs 皮蛋豆腐 (RMB10) [Menu indication: Two-star recommended dish]

It’s a multi-layer tofu and century egg. I’m not a fan of century eggs but the tofu is soft. It’s rather normal tofu with soya sauce if it’s not for the century eggs. However, for century eggs lover, there is not much of century eggs taste that you can enjoy. Not an attractive dish on our table.


Choy-sum Stir Fry 客家小菜心 (RMB18) [Menu indication: One-star recommended dish]

If you are one who normally prefers vegetable leaves to its branch, you will be disappointed, but don’t lose hope. It’s a crunchy pieces of branch. From all the meat you had, you would want to balance your meal with some greens to clear your taste buds.


Green Tea Roast Pork 绿茶烤肉 (RMB32) [Menu indication: Signature dish]

Meat lover would love this dish. It tasted similar to char siew 叉烧 with a nice roasted fragrant. For girls, the meat is has too much fats. We could enjoy less of the meat, unless you wouldn’t mind high proportion of fats.


Green Tea Roast Fish 绿茶烤鱼 (RMB28) [Menu indication: Signature dish]

Ah yes, yet another Green Tea roast dish. It does not have the green tea taste but has a nice roast fragrant similar to the other roasted dishes. It has less bones from the other spicy fish but also has less meat. 🙁 Can I have more?


Tea Tree Mushroom Stir Fry 芭蕉茶树菇 (RMB25) [Menu indication: One-star recommended dish]

Thin long mushroom stir fry with spring onions, dried chili and a little minced meat. It’s a little spicy chewy mushroom but I think the portion is rather little, especially the amount of mushroom you can eat.


Mussel and Bacon Stew with Bamboo Shoots and Wintermelon 炎菜咸肉笋干煲冬瓜 (RMB18) [Menu indication: One-star recommended dish]

As the name states, it’s all those ingredients’ soup. ;D I love it. The taste is concentrated enough to enjoy with rice or drink it on its own. One more bowl for me please! ^^ However, I didn’t take the bacon. It’s more of fats than meat.


Fire shrimp 火焰虾 (RMB38) [Menu indication: Two-star recommended dish]

Fire shrimp! Yes! This dish is served with real fire, for demonstration purposes only. The fire is not used to cook the prawns. Inside, is already cooked prawns with a nice grilled fragrant. Many has recommended this dish too.


Organic Cauliflower Stir Fry 香锅有机花菜 (RMB18) [Menu indication: One-star recommended dish]

Nice crunchy cauliflower stir fry with flavourful spicy spices. I think it’s sitr fry with pork oil that makes it very fragrant. Another enjoyable vegetable dish.



Napoleon 拿破仑 (RMB38) [Menu indication: Signature dish with Two-star recommended dish]

Being a signature dish, also a highly recommended dish and you see it on many tables, won’t you be eager to try? So we did. *haha* It’s cripsy layered puffs with different types of fruits on each layer, there’s mango, kiwi and strawberries. The crispy puffs is so crispy that it just breaks into pieces once you bite it. You won’t have much to bite other than the fruits. Nice to enjoy with tea.

A very satisfied scrumptious meal.

Overall rating: 9/10

Visit them at,

83, Longjing Road, Hangzhou.

Tel: +86 571 87888022 / 87998725

Operating hours: 11am – 10pm daily